About Sages

Sage /sāj/ 1. a person who has gathered a profound wisdom from the land of their home range.

Sages is a place-based platform for applying the writings and stories of past and present climbers, cowboys, river rats, rangers, naturalists, poets, and hobos to inform the current global conversation. Sages are stewards, scientists, and dirtbags that found inspiration in the public lands of their home ranges. The stories of these people transcend their generations and homelands to find relevancy in any time and place. It is our charge to impart the inherent wisdom of our planet’s wild lands.

The opinions expressed in Sages’ articles are those of the contributor and not Sages or the staff as a whole.


Will Rice

Will is a lover of public lands, based out of Missoula, Montana. He has PhD in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management from Penn State University. Previously, Will has worked as a national park ranger and creative media specialist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Alaska Region and the Western Native Trout Initiative. He has a strong affinity for trail maps, huckleberries, and the literary stylings of John Muir. He can be contacted at: will at sagesproject dot com.

Photos courtesy of National Park Service (top) Bureau of Land Management/Bob Wick (bottom)