Sages can take many forms. Our profiles generally fall into three categories: stewards, scientists, and briefs. A steward is a person for and by the land. They are a varied crew of rangers, advocates, naturalists, dirtbags, and everyday citizens. Their stories are those of activism, education, and gnar. Scientists, for our purposes, are those dedicated to studying and communicating the ways of the land. Think geologists, ecologists, biologists, and rogue EPA climatologists. The story of the scientist is that of courage, heroics, and will. A brief is a profile of a person that requires less content to get their treatise across. This gang is a grab bag of characters including that guy from the peak of Mt. Ida who told you the secret of life, your seventh grade environmental science teacher, and your ex’s grandma.

In addition, Sages has recently launched our interview series, Sages Speak, in which public lands people tell us about their sacred places.

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Some posts may also be flagged as Opinion pieces. These posts are meant to advocate for a certain position, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Sages staff as a whole. They have a little kick to ’em.

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